Kapwa Sports: Building Seamless Robust APIs for Diverse Data in Sports Tech

about kapwa sports

Kapwa Sports redefines basketball engagement. It’s your gateway to real-time updates, detailed match schedules, and player stats, connecting fans to the heart of the game. Designed for enthusiasts seeking an immersive and interactive court-side experience.


 Effortlessly managed a 300% surge in concurrent users during peak game hours while maintaining consistent app performance and accessibility.


Increase in Live Game Engagement enhancing the overall app experience.


Accuracy in Live Data ensuring precise and up-to-date information for users.


Witnessed a substantial 40% rise in user retention post-feature enhancements

The Challenge

Developing Kapwa Sports posed a challenge due to the intricate technical integrations required to collate real-time data feeds from multiple sources. Aligning the diverse data formats and sources, including game schedules, live scores, and player statistics, demanded extensive integration frameworks and robust APIs to ensure seamless data synchronization. Balancing the need for immediate updates with system stability added layers of complexity to the integration process.

A significant challenge emerged in crafting an intuitive user interface and experience that catered to basketball enthusiasts’ diverse needs. Achieving a balance between providing comprehensive information and ensuring a clutter-free, user-friendly design required iterative testing and design refinements. Incorporating various user preferences, such as favorite team tracking and personalized notifications, while maintaining app performance, posed a persistent challenge during development.

As the user base grew, scalability became a paramount challenge. Optimizing the app’s performance to handle a surge in concurrent users during live game moments, ensuring minimal downtime, and providing swift access to real-time updates without compromising app speed became a critical focal point. Upholding performance standards while continually enhancing features posed a unique challenge in scaling the app’s infrastructure to meet increasing user demands.

What did Daxno do?

Daxno adeptly navigated Kapwa Sports’ intricate integration challenges. Prioritizing a user-centric approach, the team balanced seamless experiences with potent features like real-time updates and comprehensive game statistics. Through exhaustive testing and refinement, Daxno ensured unified, hassle-free data synchronization across diverse sources, addressing integration intricacies with precision.

Daxno meticulously designed Kapwa Sports’ interface, striving for an intuitive user experience. Leveraging iterative testing and user feedback, the team tailored the app to meet diverse user needs. Incorporating personalized features like team tracking and dynamic notifications, Daxno struck a balance between comprehensive information and clutter-free design, ensuring an engaging user journey.

Daxno excelled in optimizing Kapwa Sports for scalability and performance. Implementing robust infrastructure solutions, the team ensured the app’s ability to handle surges in concurrent users during live game moments without compromising speed. Constantly refining and scaling the app’s infrastructure, Daxno upheld performance standards, providing swift access to real-time updates while enhancing app features seamlessly.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Kapwa Sports


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