Wallbox: Overcoming Challenges in Functionality Integration

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Wallbox pioneers electric car charging solutions, shaping everyday mobility. Our innovative app streamlines the charging journey for users worldwide. From real-time monitoring to station location, it’s the go-to for convenient EV charging. Join us in driving sustainable, accessible electric vehicle experiences.


Stations providing users with reliable and up-to-date station details.


Reduced app latency by 30% during peak usage


Charging Accuracy


For functional release of OBT, RTS and OGS

The Challenge

Integrating diverse functionalities within Wallbox presented a significant challenge. Seamlessly merging the monitoring, scheduling, and station location features while ensuring compatibility across various devices demanded meticulous planning. Balancing the app’s user-friendly interface with real-time data processing and accessibility across multiple platforms was a pivotal challenge. Overcoming these integration complexities required thorough testing phases and iterative improvements to ensure a seamless, unified experience for users.

Implementing accurate real-time monitoring of charging sessions posed a technical challenge. Providing users with live charging status updates, energy optimization insights, and reliable station location services required intricate data handling and precise algorithmic computations. Ensuring this functionality’s accuracy and responsiveness, especially during high usage periods, demanded extensive testing and optimization efforts.

Integrating a reliable and extensive database for locating nearby charging stations presented its set of challenges. Ensuring the accuracy, timeliness, and comprehensiveness of station information required constant updates and synchronization with external data sources. Maintaining the reliability of this service and minimizing discrepancies in station details for users navigating the Wallbox app demanded continual refinement and data accuracy checks.

What did Daxno do?

Daxno adeptly navigated Wallbox’s intricate integration challenges. Prioritizing a user-centric approach, the team balanced seamless experiences with potent features like real-time monitoring and station location. Through exhaustive testing and refinement, Daxno ensured a unified, hassle-free interaction across diverse platforms, addressing integration intricacies with precision.

With a focus on providing accurate real-time monitoring, Daxno meticulously crafted algorithms for precise charging status updates and energy optimization insights. Their rigorous testing and optimization efforts guaranteed a high level of accuracy and responsiveness in delivering live charging information, meeting users’ demands for reliable and instant updates.

Daxno meticulously curated an extensive database for station location services. Their commitment to data accuracy and reliability ensured users could access timely and accurate information about nearby charging stations, enhancing the app’s usability. Continual updates and data accuracy checks were core elements in Daxno’s efforts to maintain the reliability and comprehensiveness of this crucial feature.

The Results

The technology that we use to support WallBox

Flutter SDK
MySQL Web Sockets
Encryption protocols

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